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About the scientific journal

The scientific and engineering journal for those with an in-depth interest to topical issues of sustainable subsoil use.

The journal discusses the topical problems of subsoil use legislative regulation, domestic and global standards of mineral resources and reserves assessment, innovative engineering solutions and new technologies of field exploration and development, challenges of import substitution; and analyses situation in and outlook of Russian mineral resource base, as well as trends dominating in domestic and global raw material markets.

Nedropolzovanie XXI vek (21 Century Subsoil Use) scientific and engineering journal has been published since November 2006.

Chemical Abstracts CA(pt) reviews the journal since 2006.

In accordance with the decision of Higher Attestation Commission, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the journal is “a national publication listed in the international abstract databases and science citation systems; and in accordance with paragraph 5 of the rules of formation of the peer-reviewed scientific publication list, is considered to be included in the List, where the main scientific results of Cand. Sc. thesis, Dr. Sc. thesis should be published; the List is approved by the Order No. 1586 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated December 12, 2016 (on the record of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation since April 26, 2017, Reg. No. 46507), as amended by the Order No. 99 of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated February 12, 2018  (on the record of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation since March 15, 2018, Reg. No. 50368)”.

Nedropolzovanie XXI vek (21 Century Subsoil Use) Journal is listed with No. 804 in the Higher Attestation Commission.

Founder and publisher: Association of Subsoil Use Organizations, National Association for Subsoil Use Auditing

Publisher address: Bld. 7, Bol’shoi Strochenovsky per., Office 509, Moscow 115054 Russia

Our readers are:

  • CEOs in oil&gas, mining, service, geological exploration, consulting companies, expert panels, state institutions, who establish strategy, make cooperation and  procurement decisions.
  • Specialists: Chief Geologists, Chief Engineers, Chief Process Engineers, Chief Technical Officers, Operating Unit Managers, and Analysts, who shape opinion, look for information to solve operating tasks, and are committed to keep abreast in current affairs and scientific developments.

The full-colour 150-page magazine is published six times a year.

The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media

Certificate PI No. FS77-28159 dated 25.05.2007.

ISSN of the printed magazine: 1998-4685

ISSN of the online magazine: 2782-4462

Reference to the 21 Century Subsoil Use journal is obligatory for quotations.

The opinion of the Editorial Board may not coincide with the authors’ opinion.

Paper submission

  1. Articles not previously published in printed publications, not posted on the Internet and not submitted to editorial boards for publication in other publications are accepted.
  2. The author guarantees that the materials of the article can be published in the public media, do not constitute a subject of commercial secret of any company, and that the copyright on the text proposed to the publication belongs to the author.
  3. In the journal, we do not publish articles of a political nature, as well as articles containing biased assessments of scientific works and incorrect statements about their authors.
  4. The articles published in the journal may not be reprinted, copied or reproduced without the written permission of the editorial board.
  5. The manuscript should be submitted in accordance with the requirements published in the journal.
  6. Number of authors of one paper should not exceed five.
  7. The manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are sent for review and accepted for publication in the case of positive review of the reviewer whose name is not published and not reported to the author.
  8. The reviewer recommends that the article be either published, revised, reworked or rejected. The journal’s Editorial Board approves the reviewer’s conclusion.
  9. Quotations from other scientific and technical sources, which are not indicated by the author, are considered plagiarism and are an obstacle to publication of the paper. A letter is sent to the author informing him/her of the plagiarism detected.
  10. The text should be divided into paragraphs according to its content structure.
  11. The manuscripts should be submitted via e-mail in  .doc format (MS Word), font Times New Roman 12 pt, left alignment, zero paragraph spacing and indentation, Single line spacing, 1.27 cm indentation of first line in paragraph, and no hyphenation.
  12. Title of the article, section titles, author names should have intervals of one line above and below, in normal (not upper-case) bold letters.
  13. Picture captions should be separated by one-line spacing from the body text and have the name "Figure. 1.", "Figure. 2." etc.
  14. Authors should confine text of their papers to one half of  author's sheet (print unit equal to 20 000 characters with spaces) or fewer.
  15. In addition to the text, the paper should contain 3 to 5 illustrations of self-contained meaning. Each illustration should be recorded in separate file of JPG or TIFF format in resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  16. The article should be accompanied by a brief synopsis (Abstract) and key words in Russian and English.
  17. The author should determine and specify the paper UDC.
  18. References to the literature should be given in text in square bracketed Arabic numerals, in accordance with the Reference list. Reference list should be prepared in accordance with GOST R 7.05–2008 standard.
  19. Reference to a paper in a journal should contain author's surname and initials, title of the paper, full name of the journal, year of publication, volume (if any), issue, pages range (paper beginning and end).
  20. Reference to a book should include author's surname and initials, title of the book, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, number of pages in the book.
  21. Reference to an article in a collection should contain author's surname and initials, title of the article, title of the collection, whole number, place of publication, name of publisher or publishing house, year of publication, pages range (paper beginning and end).
  22. Link to an Internet resource should contain author's surname and initials, title of publication, electronic medium, date of the last update or revision of the online document, access mode/URL.
  23. Components of a manuscript:

a) UDC (Universal Decimal Classification Code);

b) Author's photo (300 dpi, 5 × 5 cm);

c) Full name (first name, patronymic, and last name) in Russian;

d) Author’s first and last names in English;

e) Author’s scientific ranks;

f) Author’s place of work;

g) Position;

h) Email address;

i) Phone number;

j) Full mailing address;

k) Paper name in Russian and English;

l) Paper abstract in Russian and English;

m) Key words in Russian and English;

n) Text of manuscript with illustrations and captions in it;

o) References;

p) Pictures/images, each in separate file;

q) Separate file containing captions and all text from pictures/images (for each figure);

r) Background image (22 × 30 cm, 300 dpi) (if any).

  1. Scientific and technical papers, including papers by postgraduate students) are published free of charge.
  2. After the journal issue is published, the editorial office sends one hard copy of the journal to the author of the published article.
  3. Guidelines for manuscripts preparation are published in the Journal once a year; they are permanently available on our website.

Please contact the editorial office in the case you have any questions about manuscript publication:


Editorial staff:


Editorial board


Denis B. Burdin, Chief Geologist, FBO State Reserves Commission; Deputy Chairman, Central Development Committee for Solid Commercial Minerals; Cand. Sc. (Econ.)




Aslambek A. Germakhanov, Director, Department for State Policy and Regulation in Geology and Subsoil Use, RF Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment



Natalia N. Andreeva, Department Chair, I.M. Gubkin National University of Oil and Gas (Gubkin University), Vice-President of the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia, Dr. Sc. (Tech.), Prof.


Sergey Yu. Glazjev, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Igor S. Gutman, Director General, IPNE (Institute of Design and Scientific Evaluation), Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.), Prof., Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Anatoly N. Dmitrievsky, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy

Iskander S. Zakirov, Chairman, Board of Directors, OOO PETEC

Eugene I. Petrov, Head of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use

Orest S. Kasparov, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use

Andrew V. Tretyakov, Head of National Association for Subsoil Use Auditing (AOON NAEN)

Sergey G. Kashuba, Head of Union of Gold Producers of Russia

Aleksey E. Kontorovich, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy

Michael F. Kornilov, Director General, New Raw Material Company LLC

David MacDonald, Vice President Reserves, British Petroleum, Chairman of the Expert Group on Resource Classification (EGRC), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Yury N. Malyshev, Honorary President, Union of Russian Mining Operators; President, Russian Academy of Mining Sciences; Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Pavel N. Melnikov, Director General, Russian Research Geological Oil Institute, Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.)

Sergey M. Mironov, Duma Member of Parliament, Head of Just Russia fraction

Renat H. Muslimov, Advisor of the Republic of Tatarstan President in oil and oil&gas field development; Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy; Professor, Kazan Federal University; Member of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Denis L. Nikishin, Deputy Chief Legal Officer, Rosgeolekspertiza, Cand. Sc. (Law), Deputy Editor-in-chief

Anatoly V. Pak, Deputy Director General, Internedra Management Company (Managing Company for OGK Group and subsidiaries)

Kliment N. Trubetskoy, Chief Researcher, IPKON RAS, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Petr P. Povzhik, Deputy Director General, Belorusneft, Cand. Sc. (Tech.)



Alexander A. Gert, Director, Siberian Scientific and Technical Center of Oil and Gas LLC, Dr. Sc. (Economics)

Alexander I. Chernykh, Director General, Central Research Institute of Geological Prospecting for Base and Precious Metals, Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.)

Vladimir M. Alenichev, Chief Researcher, Institute of Mining, Urals Branch of RAS, Professor, Dr. Sc. (Tech.)

Tatiana V. Bashlykova, Director, NVP Tsentr - ESTAgeo

Artyom A. Romanchenko, Full Member, Deputy Head, science and technical advisor, Russian Academy of Mining Sciences; Director General, EMS-Mining Company, Cand. Sc. (Tech.)

Nikolay A. Eremin, Dr. Sc. (Tech.), Deputy Director for Innovations, RAS Institute of Oil and Gas Problems

Nadezhda D. Verzhanskaya, First Deputy Director General, OOO Sentyabr

 Valentin I. Voropaev, Chief Geologist, FBO State Commission on Mineral Resources

Roald G. Dzhamalov, Chief of Laboratory, RAS Water Institute, Dr. Sc. (Geol.-Min.), Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Vladimir M. Zuev, Deputy Head of Analytical Management, Alrosa PJSC AK

Aleksandr B. Lazarev, Head of Solid Commercial Mineral Reserves Department, Chief Geologist, FBO State Commission on Mineral Resources

Tatiana P. Linde,  Scientific Secretary, FBO State Commission on Mineral Resources, Cand. Sc. (Economics)

Elena S. Lovcheva, Head of Groundwater Department, FBO State Commission on Mineral Resources

Nikolay S. Ponomarev, Chief of the Timan-Pechora Petroleum Section of the Rosnedra HC CDC, Deputy Head, Central Petroleum Section of the Rosnedra HC CDC

Igor Yu. Rasskazov, Mining Institute of RAS Far Eastern Branch, Doctor of Science in Engineering

Maxim I. Saakyan, Senior Vice President, Deputy Director General, DeGolyer and MacNaughton Moscow Branch, Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.)

Nadezhda A. Sergeeva, Head of Subsoil Use Department, Surgutneftegaz PJSC, Cand. Sc. (Econ.)

Natalia I. Tolstykh, Vice President, Shkola Pravo TEK Non-state Educational Establishment

Sergey V. Shaklein, Leading Research Scientist, Federal Research Centre for Coal and Coal Chemistry, SB RAS, Dr. Sc. (Tech.)

Alexander N. Shandrygin, Chief Scientist, Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, Dr. Sc. (Tech.)



Federal Districts of the Russian Federation

Central Federal District

Seryi S.S., VIOGEM FSUE, Deputy Director for Science,

Cand. Sc. (Tech.),

North-Western Federal District

Lukichev S.V., Head of Department, Mining Institute, KSC RAS;

Dr. Sc. (Tech.),

Volga Federal District

Vishnyakov A.K., Chief of Laboratory, TsNII Geolnerud,

Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.),,

Southern Federal District

Sendetsky I.I., Director General, Southern Center for Subsoil Expertise, Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.),

Urals Federal District

Galyanov A.V., Professor, Mining Geodesy Chair, Ural State Mining University, Dr. Sc. (Tech.),

Siberian Federal District

Kostyuchenko S.V., Deputy Director, SIAM-Engineering LLC,

Dr. Sc. (Tech.),

In foreign countries

Commonwealth of Australia

Seredkin M.V., Principal Geologist, CSA Global,

Republic of Azerbaijan

Guliyev I.S., Vice President, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,

Member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,,

Kyrgyz Republic

Chunuev I.K., Professor, the Kyrgyz State Geological University of Geology, Mining, and Development of Natural Resources, Cand. Sc. (Tech.),

Rogalsky A.V., Executive Director, the Kyrgyz Society of Subsoil Experts

Kim O.V., Managing Director, Kazakhstan Mineral Company, Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.),

Republic of Armenia

Agabalyan Yu.A., Professor, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Dr. Sc. (Tech.),

Republic of Belarus

Gribik Ya.G., Head of Laboratory of Geotectonics and Geophysics, Institute of Natural Resources Management, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Cand. Sc. (Geol.-Min.),

Republic of Kazakhstan

Danilov V.V., Technical Director, Kazakhstan Mineral Company,