About the Journal

Intersectoral Scientific and Technical Journal  Nedropolzovanie XXI vek (21 Century Subsoil Use) has been published since November 2006.

Full-colour printed version (up to 230 pages, A4 format) is published 6 times a year.

The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media Certificate PI No. FS77-28159 dated 25.05.2007.

ISSN 1998-4685 

Editor-in-chief and Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief, Head of Editorial Board –  Igor V. Shpurov, Doctor of Science in Engineering, Director General in Federal State-Funded Institution State Reserves Committee (http://gkz-rf.ru/sites/default/files/ceo_file/biografiya.pdf).

Editorial Board consists of expert and editorial staff, and includes the leading representatives of Russian and foreign science and industry: 4 members of academies, 13 Doctors of Science, 8 PhDs. Editorial Board members are listed here.


Founder is the Association of Subsoil Use Organisations National Association for Subsoil Use Auditing (AOON NAEN) (http://naen.ru/np_naen/).

Nedropolzovanie XXI vek Journal is a media partner of EurAsian Union of Experts in Subsurface Management (EUES) (http://eues.ru/).

Goals and objectives

Goals of the publication are: introduction of scientific discourse of research findings to public space; actualization of the paradigm of science-based subsoil use; development and extending the scientific knowledge of the Earth and sustainable use of natural resources; improving the approaches to solving topical issues of subsoil use related to the theoretical foundations of geosciences, resource base replenishment in current-world subsoil use, quantitative assessment of mineral resources, geological exploration and development of hydrocarbon accumulations, mineral and groundwater deposits.      

Objectives of the journal are to publish scientific researches, analytical reviews, discussion materials on topical aspects of subsoil use, internationalization od science-based subsoil use by means of widening contacts between the national expert communities, promoting harmonization of national subsoil use paradigms; democratization of publication policy that makes access to the journal pages free not only for Russian researches recognized worldwide, but also for representatives of foreign science, PhD students and students.       

Access to publications

Access to the journal archive is permanent. The journal issues are made available in the archive 12 months after release of their printed versions. In the case publication of the journal is terminated, access to the archive will be provided by the Russian State Library and the Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY.ru).    

Information for doctoral and postdoctoral students

In accordance with the decision of RF VAK (State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, RF Ministry of Education and Science), the journal is on the List of Russian Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals, in which the main scientific results of theses for the degree of Doctor or Candidate of Sciences should be published.  

No fee is charged for the publication of scientific, research-and-technology articles, submitted by students, postgraduates and doctoral students. The fee for publications is not paid to the authors

After the journal issue is published, the editorial office sends an electronic version of the journal to the author of the published article.

Sending articles to the Publishing House

Authors should submit manuscripts for publication via email nedra21@naen.ru; a set of materials being submitted should be formed in accordance with the requirements of the Article Submission Guidelines (link

Review process

Manuscripts submitted to the Publishing House should be reviewed in accordance with the Terms of  Reviewing Manuscripts Submitted to the Nedropolzovanie XXI vek Journal Staff (link)

Ethics of scientific papers

The journal’s editorial staff is guided by the journal’s publication ethics, which can be found at the following link

Policy of Disclosure and Competing Interests

Unpublished data contained in the submitted manuscript will not be used in personal researches without written consent of the authors of the manuscript. Information or ideas obtained through peer review and related to possible benefits will be kept confidential and not used for personal gain. Reviewers will not participate in review of a manuscript in case of a conflict of interest due to competitive, collaborative or other interactions and relations with any of the authors, companies or other organizations associated with the submitted work.  


Editorial Board of Nedropolzovanie XXI vek Journal is eligible to check the received manuscript using the Antiplagiarism system. In the case numerous citations are identified, the Publishing House acts in accordance with COPE rules (Committee on Publication Ethics, Code of Conduct).  


The Journal is circulated in printed and electronic form on a subscription basis and by address mailing in Russia, near- or far-abroad countries, in the industry forums, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. Number of copies printed ‒ up to 5000. Please see purchase options here.    

Reproducing of the Nedropolzovanie XXI vek materials without the written permission of the Editorial Board is not allowed.

The opinion of the Editorial Board may not coincide with the opinion of the authors.


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Publishing House Director – Alexander Shabanov; +7 985 7883592, shabanovbook@naen.ru

Senior Editor Valery Karpov; +7495 7803312, valkarp@yandex.ru

Senior Analyst – Sergei Matveichuk, +7495 7803312; matvichuk@naen.ru